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Ane Hukrisna
Photo by Anna Auza on Unsplash

Hi, it’s Ane. It’s been a while I’m away from Medium. But actually, I’m still around to dig any information and knowledge from Medium to maximize my copywriting potential. …

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Apa itu sustainable fashion atau fesyen berkelanjutan? sebagian orang mungkin sudah mengenal konsep fesyen ini sejak lama, namun tidak sedikit pula yang masih belum tahu bahkan abai terhadap isu yang terjadi di industri fashion itu sendiri.

Sebelumnya, mari kita jabarkan pengertian dari fashion terlebih dahulu. Secara sederhana fesyen memiliki arti…

This is the 5th day of the challenge. What should I write about my parent? I’m not a poet, I didn’t have an appropriate writing skills to describe how beautiful they are. What did I do to deserve them? Nothing, they are actually who wanted me.

I never wish to…

This is not Italy

When I was a teenager I obsessed to histories, conspiracies, and an odd arts. It triggered by Professor Langdon. Yes, he is. In the 2008 my father brought me to the book store. That was my birthday and he wanted me to choose my own present.

I was so excited…

I wish that I could turn back the time and make it all right. Everything won’t last forever. They will fade away as we are.

I remember to when I make a promises,

“I’ll go there, I’ll glad if you want to come with me”

“What will you do for…

There will always a pulse of excitement whenever you see yourself smiling as I do. Despite the pressures hit us up like endless but there will always a chance to find happiness.

How could it be? Once my friend said;

“Do what you can do”

I was doubting myself, I…

It’s been more than a month I didn’t write for myself. Everything feels so gloomy lately. A glance to something unreal confused me to recall myself to who I want to be or at least to who I supposed to be.

I started to realizing that the more I grew…

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Gausah ngawur jauh-jauh dulu selama di negeri ini kue klepon tiba-tiba bisa jadi kudapan tidak islami. Ibu saya marah-marah di story WhatsApp karena beliau suka bikin kue klepon buat jualan snacks box.

Mendadak viral, muncul juga klarifikasi aneh dari orang-orang aneh. Katanya itu kerjaan kafir untuk memecah belah islam. Memang…

Photo by Hoan Vo on Unsplash

Nothing can make me feel better. I’m too vulnerable to everything. I hate it when I heard people said write anything you know because I know nothing. I used to write stories about self-motivation, self-confidence but they were bullshit.

It would be easier for people to write in English with…

Photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash

This is not kind of a relationship advice story, I’m seriously asking what should I do with my relationship. It’s a casual dating but turned into a one-sided relationship. It shocked me, I didn’t expect this would have happened.

When I got out of three years relationships I decided to…

Ane Hukrisna

I don't write a poem. Let's talk!

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